The Proof is in the Printing Services


  • Proofing:.  We will proofread any printed material you have in circulation or are thinking of putting into circulation.  This includes websites, restaurant menus, brochures, flyers, manuscripts, homework, reports, ad copy and much more.

  • Writing:  Provide us with material and we will write your copy for print ads, flyers, websites and even radio advertising.

  • Forms:  Need a form created from scratch?  Maybe your forms are outdated?  We can create printed forms or interactive Adobe forms for your website or e mail marketing campaigns.

  • Printing:  Postcards, rack cards, flyers, brochures, tri-folds.  Different sizes, different quantities.


Can you catch the mispelled words that are lose in this paragraph?  If you've been busy eating your desert, you might not notice how many they're are.


Four is the correct answer!  Mispelled is misspelled.  Lose should be loose.  You don't want to eat the desert because it's the dessert that doesn't have any sand in it and finally, they're should be there.


Spell check often doesn't catch spelling errors or typos.  That's our job.  Whether it's one page or an entire project, check out our proofing fees in the "Price List."


So now you've decided to do some radio advertising, but you don't have a clue how to write an ad and time it.  Not a problem.  Whether it's a radio ad, a print ad for a newspaper or magazine or you need web content written, just give us all the material to be included and you'll have a finished product in no time at all.


Fees include one original and up to two revisions.  Check our "Price List." 


Job hunting and need a new resume?  Or maybe, a remake of your old resume?  Either way, up to two page resume and a customized cover letter will help land you a better position.  


Order forms, sales forms, appointment forms, client sheets, patient forms.  Forms you fill out by hand or interactive forms for your website.  Do-overs or originals from scratch. Do you need revised HIPAA forms for your medical office? 


Click here for an example of an interactive form.


Professionals, such as doctors, have many forms that patients need to fill out.  Give them a form that's legible instead of a 4th generation copy.  Lawyers are another professional group that uses a lot of forms.  From in office to courtroom filings, we can update your forms or design one from scratch. 


For fees on form designs, new or revised, please click on "Price List."


The Proof is in The Printing can print single or double sided postcards, flyers, brochures,

tri-folds, business cards, rack cards,  letterheads or doorhangers.  Quantities start at 500.  Provide your own design or use our graphic services. 


We also have coroplast single or double sided yard and real estate signs available with or without stakes.  Call for pricing.