The Proof is in the Printing


For over fifteen years, I published a wedding magazine on Florida's central and northeast coasts.  I'm David James, a former magazine publisher and professional proofreader.  I didn't just proof copy, I also wrote it.  Before that, I wrote radio copy for ads I sold and then composed several of our own ads to advertise trade shows.


Everywhere I go, I see typos, misspelled words or incorrect grammar.  Sometimes they can cause hilarious results.  But most of the time, they stand out like a sore thumb.  Recently, I was looking at a restaurant menu and was trying to figure out if I wanted the Ribeye Streak.  Really!  The Streak came with grilled perrers.  Since I was in Tennessee at the time, I thought it might be something I'd never heard about.  Perhaps a vegetable they grew in the Smoky Mountains?  Grilled perrers.  I suppose what threw me off is that the letter "r" and the letter "p" are not located next to or near each other on a standard keyboard.  Turns out that yes, it was supposed to be grilled peppers.  How about you?  Are you dining or dinning?  And afterwards, do you think you'll have some dessert or some desertThere or their?  Or, they're? Lose or loose?  Does your business accept credit cards or except credit cards?  One means you do and one means you don't.  Spellcheck doesn't always work in cases like these.  I went into a local restaurant and noticed they had just had their menus reprinted.  I ordered the Big County Breakfast and the waitress did not know what I meant.  I pointed to it on the menu and she said, "Oh, you mean the Big Country Breakfast."  I pointed out the mistake and it was the first time it was noticed!  Recently, I had to go see an attorney for something and his letter to me said, "Be sure you bring you license."  How many times do you see that and chuckle?
















Fact is, misspellings, typos and incorrect grammar cost millions of dollars per year in lost business.  Search engines are looking for one phrase and your website has something different, which it misses.  Lost business!  College educated consumers will often skip purchasing from a business with poor spelling.


So, here's your opportunity for someone to proof your site, your flyers, your postcards or whatever you have printed or are thinking of printing.


Having misspelled words on your website is not only unprofessional, it could cost you business.  If I were to Google "Ribeye Streak," I may not have any luck. 

We will proof your project whether it's one page or a thousand pages.  The correct use of the word will be used, capitalization will be changed when necessary and any other incorrect usage will be corrected.


Let's all become untied!

What exactly are Morans?

Do they live next to the Smiths?

I don't care how clean it is,

I'm not buying any!

If you say it fast, it sounds like something from Star Trek, except it isn't.

Signs, signs.  Everywhere signs!

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David James

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David James

Could be a dangerous situation          

Gee, I wonder what's missing?

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